Volkswagen intends to incorporate ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-based system, into cars equipped with the company’s most recent infotainment system. Volkswagen will unveil the first vehicles with ChatGPT incorporated into its IDA voice assistant at the CES technology show this week in Las Vegas.

While other manufacturers offer comparable voice-activated systems, Volkswagen is the only one that employs ChatGPT, which is made possible by the company’s cooperation with Cerence Inc. VW says the chatbot function enhances existing voice controls by understanding requests rather than explicit commands, and its capabilities will improve over time. Current Volkswagen vehicles running the company’s most recent operating system will be able to receive the AI feature via an over-the-air upgrade via Cerence Chat Pro cloud-based software.

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In terms of security, Volkswagen claims that the ChatGPT integration does not access car data and deletes inquiries and responses promptly; thus, no personal information would be communicated to the AI.

ChatGPT capability will be available in European markets starting in the second quarter of 2024, with compatible models including the ID electric family, the new Passat, Tiguan, and updated Golf. There is no timetable for when it will be implemented in United States models.

Source: Volkswagen