Volkswagen is acting fast when it comes to electric cars. After we saw the new ID.3 and the car is now close to be delivered to its first clients, Volkswagen unveils the new ID.3.

The ID.4 is Volkswagen’s first fully electrically driven SUV. The ID.4 will be the first vehicle in the world’s largest market segment, the compact SUV category, to offer climate-neutral production and operation. Just like the compact ID.3, it is based on the Group’s scalable, modular electric drive matrix (MEB), boasting all the strong properties of the ID. family: compact dimensions, spacious interior, sporty character, intuitive operation and full connectivity.

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In the heart of the world’s most popular market segment, the ID.4 will be launched in Europe in 2020. It is the second vehicle to use the Group’s modular electric drive architecture (MEB), following the compact ID.3.

The name is revealing: the ID. abbreviation stands for intelligent design, identity and visionary technologies and the number 4 identifies the new model as a representative of the compact SUV segment.

The ID.4’s aerodynamically refined exterior perfectly sets the stage for the MEB’s revolutionary architecture: the vehicle’s front end is short and the wheelbase long, giving superlative space on the inside. The driver and passengers in the ID.4 take a seat in the Open Space.

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A host of modular drive components is available for the ID.4—initially with rear-wheel drive and later with a powerful, electric all-wheel-drive variant. The high-voltage battery is always installed under the passenger cell to guarantee the vehicle’s low center of gravity and a well-balanced weight distribution. Ranges of up to 500 kilometers (WLTP) are possible depending on the drivetrain package.

The cockpit of the ID.4 has been clearly structured and it is almost completely controlled by touch functions or intelligent Natural Voice control. Volkswagen’s first all-electric SUV offers high levels of safety technologies and full connectivity.

The ID.4 is the world’s first climate-neutral, compact SUV. The vehicle, which is produced at the Zwickau plant, is carbon-neutral along the entire value chain. Volkswagen’s comprehensive charging offering also makes it possible for customers to recharge the ID.4 with renewable energy.

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