All the big automotive companies are trying to make a blast at this year CES Las Vegas. Toyota is among these names with a different approach.

At CES 2020, Toyota is providing a glimpse into this future via a 360-degree immersive experience of the “Woven City” along with a variety of advanced mobility vehicles and products. As part of its transition from a transportation company to a mobility company, Toyota has announced its intent to build the Woven City, at a 175-acre site at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan.

In addition to the featured display, Toyota is showcasing two additional technology offerings. The first, Toyota AI Ventures, which is Toyota’s US-based venture capital firm, is issuing a “Call for Innovation” for startups to apply for funding. The second is Toyota IP Solutions, a new patent licensing program, that offers access to Toyota’s impressive array of intellectual properties in a variety of areas, including: bio-active materials, nanoparticle processing, multi-dimensional paints and electronics thermal management.

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Visitors to the Toyota display walk into a circular theater and are immediately immersed into what life will be like in Woven City when it is completed. Viewers will see striking visuals of a living and working environment that embraces and interweaves both nature and technology. Automated technology moves freely and safely throughout the city and serves to liberate the residents from basic tasks.

The city is planned to be fully sustainable, with buildings made mostly of wood to help minimize the carbon footprint and using traditional Japanese wood joinery, combined with robotic production methods. The rooftops will be covered in photo-voltaic panels to generate solar power in addition to power generated by hydrogen fuel cells. Toyota plans to weave in the outdoors throughout the city, with native vegetation and hydroponics.

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