A few months ago, Toyota unveiled the Yaris Cross. Basically, it is just a jacked-up variant of the Yaris hatchback with a bit of “muscles” and new capabilities.

We know that the Yaris Cross was built for the European and Japanese markets and it will also have an AWD system matted to a hybrid powertrain.

A few weeks ago, Gazoo Racing, the performance division arm of Toyota, unveiled some exterior tweaks for the Yaris Cross and all of our thoughts have gone away: maybe a full-fat GR Yaris Cross is possible.

But the current official answer to that mystery is no.

“No plans that I’m aware of for a GR Yaris Cross,” said Sean Hanley, sales and marketing boss of Toyota Australia. “We’re happy to be bringing the GR Yaris to the market in the next month, but nothing that I’m aware of in terms of the Yaris Cross in that space.”

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And all these things considering that Toyota has a GR Yaris which can deliver over 250 horsepower thanks to a three-cylinder 1.6 liter engine.