80 years ago The Flash was made. The fast as lightning super hero is now a phenomenon thanks to TV shows and movies.

But back in the days, The Flash was known thanks to the comic books. In order to celebrate this special anniversary, Mini has decided to come up with a new interesting marketing act.

One Cooper SE (the electric variant of the British hatchback) was painted and penned by cartoonist Carmine Di Giandomenico, who has created more than 34 issues of The Flash comic. Mini doesn’t give us too many details about the creative process, though the company says Giandomenico used a “mixed technique.”

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As a result, the Cooper SE was transformed into an Art Car. The design features both Jay Garrick and Barry Allen’s versions of The Flash with Central City in the background. This piece of art is a reinterpreted cover of issue 123 designed by Carmine Infantino, a cartoonist.

According to Mini, Giandomenico managed to finish this product in just 10 hours. And even though it was a difficult thing, Giandomenico holds the record for “the fastest cartoonist in the world” after drawing 56 comic tables in 48 hours in 2016.