Tesla has upgraded the entry-level Model X. This time, the US-based car manufacturer is getting rid of the 70 kWh battery and is installing a bigger one.

As a result, the Model X 70D was replaced with the Model X 75D which uses a 75 kWh battery pack. As a result, the first electric SUV boosts range from 220 miles (354 kilometers) to 237 miles (381 kilometers).

The 2017 Tesla Model X 75D also comes with the dual-motor and the all-wheel drive setup. As a result, the run from stand still to 60 mph is done in six seconds, while the top speed is clocked at 130 mph. The new Model X 75D costs with 3,000 USD more than the previous version which means that a standard Model X 75D can be ordered for 84,200 USD. 

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But this price can be easily raised with some option elements. For example, the third row is available for 4,000 USD, while the 72-amp charger costs 1,500 USD. If you want a semiautonomous car than you should pic the Autopilot hardware which can be yours for just 2,500 USD. 

This update comes only several days after Tesla Motors has announced a recall for about 2,700 Model X units. 

Source: Tesla