The owner’s wife commissioned Vilner to make a bespoke Tesla Model X as a Christmas gift for her husband. Vilner Garage is one of the most reputable companies in the redesign of car interiors.

The Bulgarian tuner made no external changes to this Tesla Model X. The only thing that separates this Model X from stock Tesla SUVs is the red and black emblem on the hood. However, the passenger cabin has been totally redesigned.

Vilner used leather and red and black Alcantara to cover every part of the interior. The seats and door cards are upholstered in leather, with red stitching and piping to contrast. More red elements were added to the center console, dashboard, door panels, and seatbelts. The roof liner, steering wheel, and top of the dashboard were covered in Alcantara, and carbon fiber completed the design.

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The project took a few weeks to complete. “Are you sure this is the same car I left you?” was the wife’s first remark upon viewing the finished job in person. “She literally stood on the side and didn’t dare touch the car, let alone get into it,” Vilner explained. Her husband later returned to the tuner to compliment them for their excellent work, as the present had been unpacked early.

Source: Vilner Garage