Bart Herring, Mercedes-Benz general manager of product planning in the United States has told that the G-Class will be around for the long term and this could mean the addition of a new model. 

As you can imagine, we are talking about the G500 4×4² that that is already on sale in some parts of Europe. More than that, Herring said that the company is very close to a good decision regarding U.S. sales of that impressive monster. 
The G500 4×4² uses the same hardware as the G550 (V8 biturbo, 4,0 liter engine) but it comes with 22 inch wheels and an updated suspension. 

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Even though Mercedes-Benz won’t come with the G500 4×4² in U.S. you have a lot to pick from the current offer. The 2016 G-Class has some tweaked body parts, a more expansive color palette and a 621 horsepower on the AMG G65. 

All we can do now is wait and see if the right decision will be made. 

Source: Mercedes