It was a matter of time before US tuner, Stwitzer Performance would develop an upgrade kit for the Nissan GTR that would enable Godzilla to produce over 1000 HP.
In fact the Switzer R1K Nissan GTR has recorded 1005 awhp on th dyno, and the tuner said it maintained characteristics of mildly upgraded cars.
We’ve seen videos with Switzer tuned GTR’s keeping up and even smoking supercars like the Koenigsegg CCR or the Bugatti Veyron, so it would be interesting in seeing what the 1005 HP Switzer R1K Nissan GTR is capable of.
Watch the video with the 1005 HP Switzer R1K Nissan GTR after the jump.

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Video: Switzer R1K Nissan GTR with 1005 HP

Source: Switzer