Sketched images with the Audi e-tron Spyder have leaked online during the weekend. While the front end of the Audi e-tron Spyder looks like the hard top version introduced earlier this year at the Detroit Motor Show, the rear seemed to have borrowed some of the design cues from the R8.
We can make the assumption that the production version Audi e-tron Spyder will be named the Audi R4, but will around 10 days we will find out for sure if that will be the case or not.
The Audi e-tron Spyder is most likely based on the company’s space-frame aluminium chassis, with two electric motors sending 204 HP to the wheels, and a production version should debut around 2012.
Before the hybrid version we should also see a combustion engine powered Audi e-tron Spyder hit the market, most probably with the company’s five-cylinder 2.5-litre TFSI unit under its skin.

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