Audi SPort GmbH turns 40 years, and in order to celebrate that, the German officials have decided to come with some special models. One of them is the new Audi RS E-Tron GT Ice Race Edition.

Basically, this is normal RS E-Tron GT, but it comes with a unique exterior: the base color si Florett silver metallic, but there’s also a foil wrap with transparent sections. Thanks to the shades and to some white details, this foil creates a three-dimensional effect.

Standard, the special edition comes with 21 inch wheels with five pairs of spokes.

According to Audi, only 99 units will be made.

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“I wanted the vehicle to pay homage to the thrilling motorsport atmosphere and the spirit of past racing legends, while looking to the future,” said Christopher Kroener, color and trim designer at Audi.