Skoda strengthens its eco line-up in the UK with the introduction of the new Superb IV. Thanks to its plug-in hybrid drivetrain, the Octavia iV is the most fuel-efficient Octavia ever built with a WLTP fuel consumption as low as 282.5 -188.3mpg. CO2 outputs are equally impressive at just 22-33g/km on the combined cycle.

Key to the Octavia iV’s low fuel consumption is its advanced petrol/electric plug-in hybrid system that combines the strength and cruising ability of a four-cylinder 1.4 TSI petrol engine with a high-torque, zero emissions 85kW electric motor. The total power output of the hybrid system is 204PS while torque is a remarkable 350Nm.

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Power for the electric motor comes from a 13kWh battery back located in the floor just ahead of the rear axle. The Octavia iV has an all-electric WLTP driving range of up to 43 miles and features a host of driving modes that owners can fine-tune to their needs. For example, selecting E-mode will keep the Octavia in electric drive only and is perfect for driving in urban areas or on short commutes.

The Octavia iV’s plug-in hybrid system can be charged easily via an industry standard Type 2 connection (cables included as standard). The charging port is located on the passenger side front wing and is equipped with an LED light that shows the status of the charging system. The Octavia iV on-board charger is rated at 3.6kW, which means that a full charge on a standard domestic or workplace 16A supply will take 3.5 hours from empty to full.

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The new Octavia iV hatch SE Technology starts at £30,765. The most expensive Octavia iV estate SE L starts at £33,605.