When it unveiled the new Renaulution plan, the French Group also introduced the Mobilize brand, but the media was preoccupied with the new Renault 5 being reborn.

The goal of Mobilize is to look beyond the traditional use of cars, offering new ways of transporting people and goods, either with or without a car. Expectations of customers, companies, cities and regional authorities are changing, with greater emphasis on sustainability and clean energy. Mobilize addresses this with its new mobility solutions.

Mobilize brings together Groupe Renault activities in mobility, energy, and data-related solutions while taking advantage of expertise from RCI Bank and Services.

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In addition to this, it also helps foster partnerships and brand-new open ecosystems that bring significant advantages in timing and scaling-up, while also helping to solve the major challenges faced by the automotive industry.

Mobilize offers flexible mobility services for people and goods, adapted to the evolving expectations of customers, corporate organisations, and local communities. It addresses real-life issues and provides seamless solutions that are complementary to traditional models of car ownership. By promoting higher usage of goods through circular and sharing economies, it contributes to a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, with a potential of more than 6,000 Renault dealerships in Europe, Mobilize will be able to offer mobility solutions for all need, ranging from one minute to several years, in cities and towns throughout the region.

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Mobilize will also use its existing portfolio of innovative mobility and energy start-ups to help co-create the best solutions for its customers.

Mobilize has strong competitive advantages as it enters the mobility market leveraging Groupe Renault’s experience in vehicle design and manufacturing, and EV-leadership. Mobilize benefits from dedicated engineering and design teams and will develop a range of purpose-designed vehicles. Intended for heavy use, they will be modular, robust, and 100 per cent electric, and will fulfil the most critical needs of new mobility: car sharing, ride-hailing, last mile delivery, and on-demand.

When vehicles are no longer fit for use, they will be taken care of by our maintenance and recycling services at Renault Re-Factory. When batteries of electric vehicles are no longer fit for automotive use, Mobilize will recycle them, giving them a second life as a stationary energy source.

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