This is the first Renault Latitude video, and considering the new French sedan was officially unveiled yesterday, we expected some scenes that would reveal a little more.
The Renault Latitude video is more of a teaser, so we should probably get more interesting footage when the automaker will announces the car’s engine options.
The Renault Latitude borrows its architecture from the Samsung SM5 sold in Korea and its generous size reminds of the Renault 25. The European version Renault Latitude will be presented at the Paris Motor Show in September and the French company has big plans for it as they want to sell it as a ‘a truly high-end package that will position it as the spearhead of
international Renault’s saloon car range’.
Sales for the Renault Latitude will start across Europe at the beginning of 2011.
Watch the Renault Latitude video after the jump.

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Renault Latitude video :

Source: Renault