Hours after publishing the first presentation video on YouTube, Renault has also decided to release official photos and details with the new Renault FRENDZY.
Scheduled to premiere at the 64th edition Frankfurt Motor Show, the Renault FRENDZY is described as a ‘multi-faced firend’ which could help customers in both their professional and personal lives. Axel Breun, Design Director at Renault said that "RENDZY is the must-have vehicle for flexibility and versatility. It is efficient and modern as a work tool, yet sporting and warmly welcoming for the family".
Some of the features that describe the new Renault FRENDZY on the outside include the absence of a center pillar, centre opening doors on the driver’s side plus the car features only one conventional door on the passenger’s side, and one sliding door that incorporates a 37 inch widescreen display.
At the interior the Renault FRENDZY is packed with innovations, and these include a BlackBerry PlayBook which controls the 37 inch digital screen, magnetic fixings on the floor, a fabric roof that adapts to the shape of the objects that are loaded, a slate board on which children can drive on and a touch-sensitive pad which can slide from the front to the rear where passengers can watch movies or play games.
The Renault FRENDZY measures 4,09 m in length, 1,872 m in width and
2,172 m in height, with propulsion enabled by a 60 HP (44 kW) electric
motor backed by a lithium ion battery pack. According to Renault this
concept can travel at a maximum speed of 130 Km/h, without specifying
how long it can travel before having to recharge.  
Due to its electric powertrain, the Renault FRENDZY has been equipped with a system that emits various sounds in order to alert passengers. These sounds are in accordance with the car’s utility, which can alternate from family to business.
Dimensions (mm)

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Length 4,091
Width 1,872 (excluding mirrors)
2,172 (including mirrors)
Height 1,743
Ground clearance (laden) 200
Wheelbase 2,691
Front track 1,640
Rear track 1,640
Load capacity (litres) 2,250

Technical data

Motor Electric
Power (kW /hp) 44 / 60
CO2 emissions (g/km) 0 (in road use)
Batteries Lithium – ion
Peak torque (Nm) 226
Top speed (kph) 130
Transmission Direct drive, with reverse
Tyres Concept 205/45 R19
Kerb weight (kg) 1,420


Body construction ProtoStyle
Tyres Michelin
Mobile interface Research In Motion (RIM)
Optics Gaggione
Source: Renault