As every car launch is now on hold, the producers decided to offer us some more informations about the cars and concepts already developed.

Precept, the car with which Polestar envisions its future, was created to showcase three key areas for the Swedish brand: sustainability, digital technology and design. Following its digital reveal in February, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath now shares new infos.

Precept interior shows how high-tech, sustainable materials used together in the right combination can create a new luxury design language. Vegan interior with high levels of recycled content, building on the vegan foundations presented by Polestar 2. Polestar works together with with Bcomp to integrate flax-based natural composite which has been used extensively to replace many virgin plastics. Composite material reduces interior component weight by 50% with an 80% reduction in plastic. The seat covers are 3D-knitted from 100% recycled PET bottles in a single thread – made exactly to size with no waste or off-cut. Recycled plastic bottles are also used for the 100% recycled headlining textile.

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Large 15-inch digital interface recognises the driver upon approach, with settings and personal content authenticated by the Polestar Digital Key. Google Assistant evolves with advanced speech technology in more languages with better local dialect interpretation and more personalised experiences. 9-inch horizontal driver display contains vital information and is linked to eye tracking and eye tracking monitors where the driver is looking and adjusts the way information is presented – smaller and more detailed when the driver is focused on the display, and larger, brighter, vital information when focused on the road. Google Maps and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) are now merged into one system for safer manoeuvres and more accurate predictions based on traffic conditions, and shown together in one combined graphic in the driver display.

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Long wheelbase accommodates high battery capacity and lots of interior space despite low roof line – batteries are purposefully placed beneath the floor without intruding into the rear passenger footwells, much like Polestar 2. Rear legroom is given high priority, akin to that of larger luxury tourers, and matched by expansive headroom and a panoramic view.