Opel has big plans in the electric market. Until now, the German car manufacturer has only two electric cars: the e-Corsa and the e-Manta. Yes, there are a couple of big MPVs and vans, but we are not here for those.

In a recent report, Opel has confirmed that Manta moniker will be back. When? In 2025. Yes, the Opel Manta will be revealed in a few years, and we are happy about that.

But don’t get to excited, as Opel has said that the model won’t be a good looking sports car. It will be an SUV/crossover.

“The new Opel Manta will be a highly emotional car once again. With electric power that ensures first-class acceleration on tap. Our Manta will once again stand for pure driving pleasure. We will build a fascinating, astoundingly spacious new interpretation.”

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Under these conditions, we expect to see the future Manta built on the future STLA platform, architecture which is developed by Stellantis group.