Lotus has launched its third electric model. It is a sedan and is called Emeya.

The new electric Lotus features active aerodynamic in order to improve the dynamic character of the car depending on the road. The new Emeya rides on the same platform as the Eletre SUV.

For now we don’t have any info about the range, but we know that the car will use the same 102 kWh battery pack as Eletre (373 miles for the SUV with one charge).

The battery can be charged at 350 kW and you’ll need only 18 minutes to get from 10 to 80% SoC.

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The electric powertrain can deliver 905 horsepower and the sedan can run from not to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. The all-wheel-drive model comes with a top speed electronically limited to 159 mph. Also, the Emeya features a two-speed transmission and a “race-grade” braking system.

“This is a completely new Lotus, something never seen before. Building on what Lotus has accomplished to this day, we have created a luxury car that delivers outstanding performance for the driving enthusiast, designed to inspire confidence and excitement,” said Ben Payne, Lotus Group’s vice president of design.