Mercedes-Benz will try to save lives with its new QR code stickers, fitted on every new car. The "Rescue Assist" stickers plan to cut the time it takes to extract the occupants of a car at the scene of a crash.
The QR code stickers are designed to be read by any enabled smartphone or tablet and contains information about the make, model and specifications of the car as well as the location of airbags, batteries, and any high voltage power cables in the case of Hybrid vehicles and the associated safety systems.
The devices will be consulting a database and locating the exact model of car. According to Mercedes, the QR codes will save around two minutes at the point at which the emergency services first arrive on the scene.
All new Mercedes cars will be equipped with these stickers, fitted inside the fuel filler cap and on the opposing door aperture. The stickers can be retrofitted to every car built since 1990 to present day. And they are free of charge. Mercedes encourages other manufacturers to do the same.