Nissan officially returns to compact segment with the introduction of the new Pulsar, a model that is set to go against Volkswagen Golf and Opel Astra.
The Nissan plant in Barcelona already started production of the car, with the first units scheduled to reach first European customers this autumn. But, before that, the first client of the Nissan Pulsar has to be someone famous.  And that someone is Andrés Iniesta, famous football player, currently FC Barcelona star and UEFA Champions League ambassador.
The Spanish footballer visited the Barcelona factory, where the Nissan Pulsar was designed and engineered, to witness first-hand how the new family hatchback has been manufactured and interact with the workers responsible for producing the car.
“It’s been a fantastic experience to tour Nissan’s Barcelona factory and meet the people behind creating and building some of the most innovative vehicles. The factory is one of the biggest employers and a massive supporter of the region, and I’m honoured to be the first person to receive a Nissan Pulsar built in Barcelona”, said Iniesta at the end of its visit.