After we saw the Vauxhall Viva yesterday, in a first official teaser, it looks like today we are having déjà vu except the name is different.
Opel unveiled a similar teaser image, with the future replacement of the Agila. It will be called Karl and it will compete against budget models like the Dacia Sandero and Hyundai i10, judging by its starting price, estimated at around 8000-9000 euro.
The name chosen by Opel sends us back to the beginning of Opel, when Karl Opel, the son of Adam Opel, started building cars with his brothers Wilhelm and Friedrich.
The new Opel Karl will be smaller than the Corsa and even than the Adam, with a length of 3680 mm (144.9 inches). This is 300 mm (11.8 inches) smaller than the Corsa and 20 mm (0.79 inches) shorter than the Adam. Even so, the manufacturer promises that the car will offer space for five passengers and their luggage. 
”Karl is a short, snappy and catchy name that represents Opel brand values: German, emotional and approachable,” explained Tina Müller, Chief Marketing Officer at Opel.