Mercedes-AMG is aiming big. The German performance division has published the details of the upcoming plug-in hybrid systems that will be introduced on the next performance models.

The first PHEV system will be based on the 2.0 liter petrol unit that today can be found on the AMG A45 and other compact performance cars. It will be equipped with a special turbo that will improve the HP up to over 450 horses. Also, at the rear axle is mounted a 204 horsepower electric motor (it will offer this amount of power for 10 seconds, 90 HP in the normal mode).

This PHEV system will be offered for the first time in the new generation AMG C-Class.

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The second PHEV system will use the current V8 engine. As a result, the system will deliver over 815 horsepower and 1.000 Nm peak of torque. This system will be first offered on the future AMG 4-Door Coupe, which is likely to get the AMG GT73 name.