2020 was a rough year for a lot of people and companies who managed to get through are now rewarding their employees or other people who managed to make the world a better place.

Mazda is one of them, and the new Mazda Heroes program aims to give back to the great people who have worked hard during these difficult times.  To show appreciation, the company will select 50 deserving people and will give them an MX-5 100th Anniversary Special Edition.

“This year marks Mazda’s 100th Anniversary. We had hoped this time would be filled with moments of celebration and appreciation for our fans, employees, and partners. But given the many tragic events of 2020, we decided to express, in another way, our brand’s unique heritage of trying to make things better,” Mazda North American Operations President Jeff Guyton said.

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The Mazda Heroes project is accepting stories starting October 25 about people performing important acts of kindness, resilience, and empathy this year.

These folks don’t necessarily have to be healthcare workers. The company notes that a teacher trying especially hard to enhance long-distance learning or someone taking on the task of sourcing personal protective equipment for people in the community are also eligible for this award. The company will announce the winners on December 2.