Back in 2019, Mazda unveiled the SkyActiv-X engine which combines the diesel and petrol characteristics in one petrol-powered engine. In Europe, the unit delivers 180 horsepower, but these days, the unit got an upgrade.

Developed only for the Japanese market, the revised variant of the engine can now deliver 190 horsepower and 240 Nm peak of torque (16 Nm more compared to the European variant).

For now, Mazda has not announced any details about the performance of the car.

Also, the Japanese car manufacturer has prepared some new updates for the springs and dampers, while the cruise control has also been updated “to better suit human characteristics”.

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More than that, the model has a Cruising & Traffic Support (CTS) that can operate at higher speeds, though Mazda didn’t disclose the new values.

We don’t know if the upgraded SkyActiv-X engine will also be introduced in Europe or other markets.