In 2014, Skoda started a special project: some of its Mlada Boleslav students which are learning in Skoda Academy had to develop a special design study.

And that was the start of a fantastic trend which continued year after another. This year, 20 Skoda students will have the chance to develop a special concept out of the new Skoda Scala.

We don’t know the name of the car, but we do know that it has to be a Spider variant of the compact hatchback.

In order to convince us that the project is up and running, Skoda has published a couple of sketches with the upcoming Scala Spider.

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“Despite the increasing use of computers and simulations, drawing is still an essential part of automotive designers’ work. With every stroke, an idea turns into something real. A sketch is the first of many steps on the long and exciting path to a new car,” explains Oliver Stefani, Head of Skoda Design.