Audi has some big plans (unconfirmed now) for its only supercar in the lineup. The recently revised R8 facelift might be available in a special, more track-focused version.

All we know until know is that the German car manufacturer has registered the R8 Green Hell moniker at the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

If the things will go out we might see an R8 LMS GT3 street version of the R8. According to our sources, the upcoming model might use some exterior bits that are currently mounted on the track ready car.

There will also be some power upgrades and of course some aerodynamic accessories for the future R8 Green Hell. But all these if the rumors will be true. Other, me might have a chance to see only a special painted variant of the Audi R8 or, in the worst case scenario, nothing. This is not for the first time when car manufacturers are registering names but no new models are developed.