We knew that BMW will end the i8 production in 2020. But today we have the official announcement. Starting this April, the German car manufacturer has decided to put a stop on its only supercar.

The BMW i8 was launched six years ago and it also received an update a couple of years ago. In December 2019, the BMW announced us that the i8 reached the 20,000 milestone at the Leipzig factory and this was an important news.

Currently, BMW is producing two versions of the i8. We have the Coupe variant and the Roadster version, both of cars using a hybrid powertrain which can deliver up to 369 horsepower.

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More than that, the i8 currently one of the most expensive model in the line-up. The Coupe starts at 147,500 USD, while the Roadster kicks off at 163,300 USD. The latter one is currently the most expensive car of the German portfolio, with the M760i xDrive slotting between the two i8 with a starting price of 157,700 USD.

Even thought the car is pretty expensive and doesn’t have the same performances of a real supercar, we will miss the i8.