Volkswagen has decided to reward his employees for the 2019 activities. The German car manufacturer managed to increase the sales by 2.6 percent and as a result, the employees will also get a bump on the bonuses.

According to the German car manufacturer, this year the employees will receive a bonus of up to 5,600 USD.

“The employees of Volkswagen again demonstrated a strong team performance in 2019. They have made a key contribution to the business success of Volkswagen”, said VW CEO Dr. Herbert Diess.

But this year will definetly be worse for all the automotive industry due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemy. And as a result, the German car manufacturer’s officials are throwing some warnings.

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“For 2020, it is clear that expectations may be more limited. The transformation will call for dedication, flexibility, and efficiency. “Not only in view of coronavirus, the economy and therefore also Volkswagen face a highly challenging year”, said Volkswagen HR Board Member Gunnar Kilian.