Back in 2019, BMW said that all models equipped with the BMW 7.0 operating system will get Android Auto. And now, the update is available.

The largest over-the-air update will be available for more than 750,000 vehicles and it will be on air starting October 19th. First, only German customers will be able to install it, and later, the OTA update will be offered in the rest of the regions.

According to BMW, the update will take about 20 minutes to install.

Here is what you will get if you have a BMW 7.0 Operating System.

BMW Maps offers an entirely new navigation experience. The route calculation of the first cloud-based system is significantly faster and more dynamic by combining real-time information with forecast models. It also provides additional contextual information on points of interest, such as ratings, business opening hours and photos.

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Google Android Auto will be available as a new feature following the upgrade, allowing customers to use the functions of their smartphone in the car via a wireless connection. The customer can use Google Assistant or touch operation to access their apps without having to operate their smartphone directly. Google Maps also shows navigation guidance in the Info Display and Head-up Display.

With this functional enhancement, the Apple Maps navigation information provided via Apple CarPlay now includes turn-by-turn directions and lane information, which is displayed directly in the Head-up Display and in the Info Display.

Connected Parking provides a variety of services to help find a parking space upon arrival.

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eDrive Zones is a new digital service – the only one of its kind worldwide – that helps customers drive their BMW plug-in hybrid in a more environmentally conscious manner. By means of geofencing, the vehicle automatically switches to pure electric drive mode when entering a green zone.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant has a new and more emotional appearance, can distinguish whether the driver or passenger is speaking and orientates itself towards the person it is talking to.

Connected charging makes mobility more sustainable and innovative. The display indicating where public charging posts are located has been expanded to include additional details, such as opening hours, providers or authentication options, and availability can be viewed immediately. Points of interest, such as cafés or restaurants in the vicinity of the charging post, are also listed.