The current generation Audi A3 Sedan was unveiled back in spring. The model is also available in the S3 version, but at the top of the range, the RS3 Sedan is still being tested.

These days, our fellow Automotive Mike has managed to get a few shoots of the 2021 RS3 Sedan prototype around the famous Nurbugring.

As far as we know, the new generation Audi RS3 Sedan will use the same 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine. The unit will deliver 415 horsepower, in order to take a fair fight against the CLA 35 AMG.

According to our sources, the model will also have a performance version which will deliver 450 horsepower. We also expect to see some improvement to the suspension setup, and modifications to the steering system.

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Until Audi will officially unveil the new RS3 Sedan, here is a video of the prototype around the Nurburgring.