Aston Martin has not had such great years, but the British car manufacturer (now under new leaders) is here to show us what they can do with more money.

After showing us the new car for Formula 1 and the new Safety Car for Formula 1 2021 season, the guys from the UK teased a new road model.

There are not many things to say about it. We don’t know it is a Vantage. We don’t know it will be a hardcore of the Vantage and it will be unveiled on March 22nd.

At the heart of this new version should be the familiar V8 4.0 liter engine developed by AMG. It has 503 HP on the Vantage AMR, so there are some chances to see that power bumped up in the new variant. Also, there will be some aerodynamic modifications and, probably, a more rigid suspension. Who can tell?

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With all the details about the new Vantage version we will come up tomorrow.