The Coronavirus pandemic hit hard on the automotive industry, and Aston Martin was one of the manufacturers who struggled in 2020. But now, things are getting straight for the British car manufacturer.

According to the Aston Martin report, after the six months of 2021, sales have increased by 224 percent and a single model contributed to more than half of those sales, the $180,000 DBX SUV.

During January and June, Aston Martin sold 2,901 cars, which means 2,006 sales over the same period in 2020. Also, the revenue of the company increased from 57 million GBP a year earlier to 274 million GBP ($380 million).

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During the first half of the year, Aston Martin delivered more than 1,500 DBX units, which means more than half of the marque’s total unit sales.

Aston Martin plans to release further variations of the DBX model, including electric and hybrid variants.

Source: Aston Martin