Porsche has officially unveiled a new derivative of the current 911 series. It is called 911 Carrera T and is dedicated to the purist.

The T is not coming from Turbo, but from Touring, and the car has some interesting features. First and foremost, the new 911 Carrera T won’t have a rear bench, which means it is lighter.

Also, standard is a seven speed manual transmission, but if you don’t want a stick, you can always opt for the eight speed automatic.

The 3,0 liter twin-turbo engine can deliver 379 horsepower and 449 Nm peak of torque. With the seven speed, the car can travel from not to 100 km/h in 4,3 seconds, while the automatic is faster: 3,8 seconds for the same sprint.

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To save weight, Porsche installs less sound insulation, thinner glass and a smaller battery.