An all-electric car needs to be heard by pedestrians. To do that, every car is equipped with a special safety sound when rolling through cities at low speeds.

Nissan has announced the start of sales for the all-electric 2021 Leaf model. Nissan’s ‘Canto’ Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) will be standard on the vehicle. The AVAS has been particularly developed to broadcast artificially generated driving noises, alerting road users to the presence of an electric car. It is fully compatible with the new European standards.

Nissan, as pioneers in electrification, integrated an alerting sound into the first-generation Nissan Leaf to ensure all road users are aware of an approaching electric vehicle.

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Furthermore, the new Nissan Leaf provides the ideal combination of smart driving, connectivity, and sustainable mobility, with standard In-Car Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, as well as Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention (IBSI) for an exciting drive and a comforting experience behind the wheel. The Intelligent Rear View Mirror (IRVM) is also an option on the N-Connecta and Tekna trims.

Electric motors are deemed zero-emission not just in terms of CO2, but also in terms of noise pollution because they are quieter than combustion engines. Nissan collaborated with an expert team of sound designers to create Canto sound, the company’s customised aural identity for electric cars, in order to maximise awareness for all road users.

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Canto was meticulously produced by Nissan Japan’s sound designers and engineers, then regionally modified for Europe at Nissan Technical Centre Europe utilising a variety of sonic palettes. The sound has been purposefully designed to change in tone and pitch depending on whether the car is accelerating, decelerating, or reversing.

Automatically triggered at speeds of up to 18mph, Canto carefully compliments its surroundings and is clearly heard, without frightening pedestrians, residents, or passengers.

The Canto sounds in the Nissan Leaf were skillfully developed and optimised with the European customer in mind. This customised rendition of Canto will be a welcome addition to the soundscape of European streets, taking into account how people hear and interpret sound waves, as well as ensuring the composition is easily heard in cities and streets.

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Source: Nissan