When you buy a Bentley, you want to be unique. The Bentley Mulliner division helps you do this with bespoke interiors and exteriors.

Bentley Mulliner has completed its 1000th bespoke assignment after establishing its own dedicated design team in 2014, in response to the growing demand for unique and personalised vehicles.

The 1000th customised project was completed for a European customer who desired two unique interior additions to further personalise their Bentley. The first request was for the interior of a Bentayga to be finished in Olive Ash, a veneer associated with Mulsanne’s past. The second was to create contrast to the interior by using a contrast twin stitch on the top sections of the seats and door trims.

The first project, seven years ago, was a small limited edition of 15 vehicles focusing on enhanced levels of passenger comfort – the Flying Spur Serenity. The seats and headrests were redesigned, and a new and distinctive diamond quilting across the cabin was added as part of the overall redesign to give a genuinely personalised feel. This one-of-a-kind textured leather served as the inspiration for the diamond design found on the contemporary Continental GT Mulliner.

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The Mulliner Design team has shared some of their favourite examples over the last seven years to commemorate this project milestone. Its work spans the whole Bentley model line during that time period, from jet-fighter-inspired Continentals to Mulsannes that highlighted their 6.75-litre V8 engine, and even a Bentayga with different interior trim specifications on the driver and passenger sides.

Since 2014, over 1000 bespoke projects have been completed, ranging from individualised, bespoke treadplates to entirely unique and Coachbuilt projects like the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, as well as regional and worldwide commissions, limited series, and even race car designs.

The expert team, which is part of the Bentley Design department, is made up of designers and digital artists that work together to achieve the right combination of exquisite design and the capacity to produce photo-realistic renderings of clients’ designs prior to placing orders. Over the last seven years, this single team has been responsible for every Mulliner-designed product, allowing for a greater integration of fundamental Bentley design DNA into Mulliner products while also broadening the customer’s field of possibilities. Today’s Mulliner consumer is only constrained by two factors: their imagination and the law.

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The low-volume aspect of Mulliner’s work also gives the design team more leeway, as they collaborate with the rest of Bentley Design to create new ideas and concepts that would not be feasible for series production Bentleys. The Mulliner stone veneers are a prime example of this art, which can only be obtained in small numbers due to the extraordinarily complicated and laborious production procedures required in shaping and polishing a sheet of stone less than a millimetre thick.

The Mulliner Design team is poised to be increasingly busier in the months and years ahead, with Bentley Mulliner currently constructing vehicles across all three of its portfolios and its Personal Commissioning Guide growing with even more ways for clients to design bespoke Bentleys.

Source: Bentley