BMW is updating its hybrid range with the introduction of revised 530e Saloon and 225xe Active Tourer. Although its dimensions remain unchanged, the new lithium-ion battery for the plug-in hybrid model of the BMW 5 Series Saloon now has a gross energy content that has been increased from 9.2 to 12.0kWh. This means its electrically powered range is increased by more than 30 per cent to 35 miles.

The BMW 530e Saloon now achieves a combined fuel consumption of 156.9-141.2mpg and CO2 emissions of 36g/km. As an additional model variant, the all-wheel-drive BMW 530e xDrive Saloon is also on offer in the UK. The latter achieves an electrically powered range of up to 30 miles. Its combined fuel consumption is 141.2-122.8mpg, while CO2 emissions are at least 49g/km.

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In the BMW 225xe Active Tourer, state-of-the-art battery cell technology paves the way to further reduced consumption figures as well as an increase in the electrically powered range of more than 25 per cent to up to 31 miles. Retaining the same dimensions as before, its lithium-ion battery now has a gross energy content that has been increased from 7.7kWh to 10kWh.

The combined fuel consumption of the BMW 225xe Active Tourer is from 166.2-141.2mpg, while its CO2 emissions level is at least 42g/km. Its standard and optional fittings include numerous modern driver assistance systems as well as innovations in the field of intelligent connectivity and digital services to make it easy, for example, to find charging posts.

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