The moment they have entered World Rally Championship, Volkswagen were considered a hard nut to crack. And it was so, as the German manufacturer managed to become a winner on every important stage. Now, for the new ra of rallying, Volkswagen offers some details about the future Polo R WRC.

More powerful, faster and more spectacular – the Polo R WRC will generate about 380 hp/280 kW in the future. That is 60 hp more than the current car (318 hp). Lighter, wider, and with more aerodynamic freedom, the Volkswagen designers have produced a concept which reveals how the Polo R WRC may appear in the coming season.

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Volkswagen has been developing the third generation of the Polo R WRC since summer 2015, when the International Automobile Federation (FIA) released the new regulations for the highest class of rallying in the world. Having already tested key components in the current chassis, development of Volkswagen’s third World Rally Car is now entering the final phase.

About 50 millimetres wider, 25 kilograms lighter are another key data for the 2017 rally Polo. The increase in power of about 60 hp is achieved by widening the air restrictor from 33 millimetres, as it is at present, to 36 millimetres. Furthermore, an electronic centre differential can now be used for the power transmission. 

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The most visually striking changes are the larger rear wing and broader front spoiler. The minimum length of the car is now 3,900 millimetres, whilst the minimum weight is reduced from 1,200 to 1,175 kilograms.

Although the new technical components have already been applied in numerous tests, the appearance of the Polo R WRC will still change significantly by the start of the season at the Rally Monte Carlo in January 2017.