BMW is introducing the 2012 S1000RR, the new and improved version of their successful supersports bike that was first launched in 2009.
According to the company the bike incorporates feedback from national super stock races and the main aspects that that were improved were riding precision, agility, power buildup and response.
Active safety is also at its highest level as the 2012 BMW S1000RR uses the most advanced brakes available on the market today, a system which is called the Motorrad Race ABS that is backed by the Dynamic Traction Control system (DTC).
The engine power on the 204 Kg heavy 2012 BMW S1000RR remains the same at 193 HP (142 kW), however the company has optimised the torque curve and expanded the performance modes from two two three. Riders will now have one curve for each Rain and Sport modes and an additional one for Race and Slick modes. (in Rain mode the bike outputs 163 HP / 120 kW).
BMW has also modified the S1000RR’s suspension geometry in order to boost riding dynamics, reconfigured the throttle for enhanced response and reduced the twisting force and tightened the twist-grip angle.  
Other changes performed on the 2012 BMW S1000RR include a smaller secondary ratio for boosted thrust, revised spring elements, an instrument cluster that now has new functions plus the bike now comes with a mechanical steering damper that allows more than ten levels or adjustment.  
The 2012 BMW S1000RR also comes with new body colours and a whole range of components that were redesigned or relocated. 

2012 BMW S1000RR Video :

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Source: BMW