Wimmer RS has developed a serious tuning program for the VW Golf 6 R, which has been named the RED DEVIL V, due the massive power upgrade received by the German hatch.
Even though the exterior differs from the stock version only by the new handmade sports exhaust system with 84 mm in diameter exhaust tips and sports catalyst converter, the 2.0-litre TFSI unit powering the Wimmer RS VW Golf 6 R produces an impressive 478 HP and 610 Nm of torque instead of 270 HP and 350 Nm of torque.
This means the Wimmer RS VW Golf 6 R has a power to weight ratio of 3.04 Kg/HP and the car;s top speed is now 291 Km/h.
The power upgrade results from the optimized engine electronics, plus the Wimmer RS VW Golf 6 R received a tuned turbocharger, custom injection nozzles, connection rods, cylinder heads, an improved aftercooler and an additional oil pump. 
The Wimmer RS VW Golf 6 R upgrade program is completed by a set of high performance brakes, and a new coilover suspension and helical spring set are also suggested by the German tuner. 
Wimmer RS press release :
RED DEVIL V – Wimmer RS gives you wings with Golf 6 R – 478 hp and 610 Nm
When a street car is presented by Wimmer RS, one of the most important players on the tuning arena, everything must be perfect – while Germany is slowly preparing for winter, the tyres are still squeaking on the „RED DEVIL V-Projekt“. Standing by a power-circulating gear testing machine show the profs from Solingen, what the car is capable of: Thorsten Wimmer and his crew make the model Golf 6 R race, on the high-speed line and autobahn. The RED DEVIL V is not only fast, but also runs stable.
The Solingen tuning specialist Wimmer RS gives you wings with the new Golf 6 R 2.0 TFSI. And an extensive engine tuning program: Wimmer RS increases the efficiency stage V, now Golf R has about 478 hp, instead of the common for this series 270 hp. And the torque increases up to sensational 610 Nm (range 350 Nm) and the car is stopped by 291 km/h due to electronic system. That means a power/weight ratio of 3,04 kg/hp.
Among various aspects of the provided by the company engine tuning the following could be mentioned: engine electronics tuning, tuning of turbocharger incl. pipe, changes of injection nozzles, the TFSI tuning, tuning of the connecting rods, changes of lamp coating, cylinder head, large aftercooler, additional fuel oil heater, changes in the air intake system, air intake pipe, tuning of th crank shaf, or another oil pump, of the second low pressure fuel pump und sport camshafts, so as an completely handmade high-grade steel sports exhaust system with 84 mm in diameter, a 100 – cells sports catalyst converter and a race sport coupling.
For a better road stability Wimmer RS proposes a coil spring set and helical spring set, which can from the one side lower the car and adds a sports note to the car.
As option Wimmer RS offers modifying of a high performance brake system, which bites cruel on the front and rear axle. This also provides distinctly improved delay rates and so as the increased efficiency stage V, and also suits perfectly to an „usual“ street traffic.

Source: Wimmer RS