Wheelsandmore were tasked with ‘creating something diabolical’ out of the McLaren MP4-12C so in order to achieve that they immediately started working on a performance kit called ‘Toxique Evil’.
The kit comprises from a handcrafted exhaust system with remote-able exhaust valves and optimized control electronics and it help the car’s 3.8-litre V8 to jump from 600 HP to a ‘diabolical’ output of 666 HP.
Furthermore Wheelsandmore said it is currently testing a turbo and intercooler upgrade that could increase the engine’s performance even further, to 800 horses.
Apart from the power boost Wheelsandmore has managed to lower the PPC complex electronic hydraulic suspension system on the McLaren MP4-12C by 25 mm, a move which they say should improve handling and steering.
The final piece in Wheelsandmore’s treatment for the MP4-12C are the 6Sporz ultralight-forged wheels sized 9.0×20 inch at the front and 12,0×21 inch at the back, which come wrapped in Continental Sport Contact 5P tires. 

Source: Wheelsandmore