Lumma Design has prepared an upgrade kit for the 2012 BMW 650i Cabriolet, a kit that is dubbed the CLR 600 GT which will be revealed for the first time at the 82nd edition Geneva Motor Show next month.
The German tuner has worked on improving both the visual and performance aspects of this model, with the exterior featuring an aerodynamic package complemented by 20 inch GTB Monoblock wheels wrapped in Vredestein Ultra-High-Performance tires and LED daytime running lights along the front spoiler.
On the performance side Lumma had worked on optimising the engine electronics in order to make the TwinTurbo 8-cylinder gasoline unit unleash its true potential. A flow-optimised muffler with four stainless steel tailpipes measuring 90 mm in diameter has also been added, and as a result the standard output of 408 bhp (300 kW) and 600 Nm of peak torque has been increased to 490 bhp (360 kW) and 720 Nm.
This increase turns the Lumma CLR 600 GT BMW 650i Cabriolet into a faster machine as its new top speed is 160 mph.
In order to match the car’s sporty nature, Lumma decided to add a touch of exclusivity to the interior as well by using alcantara and leather on the seats, door panels and steering wheel and by adding a set of aluminium pedals and velour floor mats.

Source: Lumma Design