Volvo has decided to spruce up the line-up available in the US. As a result, they have unveiled the all-new 2022 S60 Black Edition.

As the name suggests, the car comes with a lot of black trim on the outside: the grille, the mirrors, the wheels, and the window frames.

For now, Volvo doesn’t mention any special updates for the interior, but we do know that the car will be available in only two exterior colours: black or white.

Because the Black Edition is just an exterior package, all the S60 technology and engine line-up will remain the same.

“The design of the S60 Black Edition evokes a passionate response across the company. We’re very proud that the Black Edition has been designed here in the US and will be built by our US team in South Carolina”, said Eric Beak, Volvo USA head of design.

Source: Volvo