Volkswagen announced its plans to launch a seven seat SUV on the US market long time ago. Its plans were somehow delayed by the Dieselgate scandal, but now Volkswagen is decided to bring what it had promissed. 

After a long wait, Volkswagen Chattanooga has reached an early production milestone with the completion of the first assembled metal test body for the upcoming Midsize SUV. Some voices are saying the MIdsize SUV will be sloted between the Tiguan and the Touareg, but the car might just be a seven seat version of the new Tiguan. 

The production of the first assembled metal test body is an early step towards the full production of the Chattanooga-made Midsize SUV, scheduled to begin production late this year and hit the market in 2017. The first test body build is for the purposes of checking the calibration of body shop equipment and processes. The body is then passed on for further testing and development.

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This milestone was commemorated with a group photograph that included management and body shop team members who contributed to its production.