2014 was a record year for Volkswagen Group. The best year in al VAG`s history. For the first time, the Germans managed to sell over 10 million cars. It was a huge performance but it was not enough to overcome Toyota as the biggest automotive group in the world.

This year, Dieselgate affected VAG sales and the German group didn`t managed to sell 10 million cars again. Even so, the results were not a complete disaster. According to an official press release, the Volkswagen Group handed over 9.93 million vehicles to customers worldwide.

3.43 million customers in Western Europe took possession of a new vehicle from the Volkswagen Group in 2015, representing a rise of 4.8 percent. The delivery situation in Germany remained positive at the end of the year (+4.0 percent). Also growth was particularly strong in Spain (+16.1 percent) and Italy (+8.8 percent). The tense situation in Russia (-36.8 percent) continued to impact deliveries in Central and Eastern Europe. Even so, the Volkswagen Group delivered more than four million units in one year for the first time in the overall European region.

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The company also recorded growth in North America in 2015, handing over 931,800 vehicles there. At 607,100 units – an increase of 1.2 percent – the United States accounted for the lion’s share of these deliveries. Group deliveries in the South America region continued to fall (-29.8 percent). This trend is chiefly attributable to deliveries in Brazil, which totaled only 389,900 units.

The Group delivered 3.93 million vehicles in the twelve-month period in the Asia-Pacific region, of which 3.55 million units were handed over to customers in China, the Group’s largest single market.