Volkswagen ID.R was unveiled a couple of years ago, and during this period, the car managed to be an important image vector for the German car manufacturer.

Over the course of two years, the ID.R became the fastest electric car at the Nürburgring, Pikes Peak, and Goodwood. More than that, the electric car was clocked with the best time on the road to Heaven’s Gate in China.

Today, the ID.R managed to smash another record. The best time was set in Bilster Berg in Germany with Dieter Depping behind the steering wheel. The ID.R lapped the 2.66-mile (4.2-kilometer) track in just 1:24.2, which broke the track’s existing lap record of 1:44.7.

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What is interesting is that behind the wheel was Depping and not Dumas, the man who managed to set all the other four records for the ID.R.

Watch here the Bilster Berg record set by the Volkswagen ID.R.