With Dieselgate scandal destroying all VAG Group reputation and affecting current cars on sale, it is now time to see how many cars the brands have sold after the first ten months of this year.

Important to know, from January to October, the Volkswagen Group handed over 8.26 million vehicles to customers. Deliveries by the Volkswagen brand in certain markets reflected especially the current diesel issue as a result of sales stoppages for the vehicles affected. Deliveries therefore fell in October (-5.3 per cent).

In the entire Asia-Pacific sales region, the Group delivered 3.21 million vehicles in the first 10 months of the year, with China, the largest single market, accounting for 2.89 million units.

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The Group also recorded growth in North America, with 773,600 units delivered from January to October. Most of these vehicles, 505,900 units, were handed over in the United States, representing growth of 3.4 per cent. In South America, where the market is still declining, deliveries by the Group fell with a consistent -26.4%. Deliveries in Brazil, at 337,300 units, were the key factor.

In the region of Western Europe, 2.90 million customers received a new vehicle in the year to October, representing growth of 5.4 per cent. The situation in Germany remained positive, with deliveries up by 4.1 per cent. As regards the various markets, there was a slight downward trend in Europe (-1.5 per cent). Even so, there were significant rises in Spain (+16.3 per cent) and Italy (+8.6 per cent). 

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As a result of the tense situation in Russia (-37.0 per cent), a further downturn indeliveries was recorded in Central and Eastern Europe. In the period to October, the Group handed over 506,700 vehicles in this region.

The Audi premium brand grew deliveries (+2.0 per cent), and there was a significant increase at sports car manufacturer Porsche (+18.2 per cent).