A few days ago, Volkswagen announced that the Golf SportWagen and Golf Alltrack from the US market will be killed at the end of the current Golf generation. It was a decision made regarding the sales and the market appetite for the SUV.

Now, the German car manufacturer has another sad news: the Golf Sportsvan which is basically a taller Golf will be axed. The model is currently sold in some markets in Europe and its first generation was launched in 2004. 

Also, according to a rumor, Volkswagen is willing to axe the Touran MPV. By killing these two models, Volkswagen will deliver a new car which is believed to go by the name of Variosport. We don’t knwo for sure if it will be a small SUV or something like that, but we can imagine a high ride Golf with three-row seating. 

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If the Variosport will get the green light to enter production do not wait to see it this fall when the new generation Golf will be unveiled.