e-Up! was the smallest car in Volkswagen’s lineup. The production was stopped in 2021 because of the delivery times rising to up to 16 months. After that, the car was removed from the lineup, as the ID. family reached the market.

But if you are looking for a new small electric car, you’ll be shocked to find out that Volkswagen e-Up! is back. We don’t have an official statement why the car is back, but we can say that Dacia Spring mini car is a big hit and this might lead to Volkswagen’s decision.

The e-Up! uses a 32.2 kWh battery pack and has an official range of over 250 kilometres. It can support fast charging at 40 kW which means 60 minutes for 0 to 80% of charge.

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In Germany, the e-Up! has a price tag of 26,895 euros but it doesn’t account the 9,570 euros deduction for the environmental and innovation premium.