The German car maker Mercedes-Benz has published a new video with the ninth generation of the S-Class sedan. In this video, the Stuttgart-based producer is showing us how the new S-Class was created. 

The new German flag-ship sedan is the "most innovative and refined Mercedes-Benz ever made". According to this video, the designers started with a few sketches and then all was transformed into clay models. After all the work was done, the models were presented to the decision group who approved or rejected the design. 

Once the design got the green light, another team began the construction of the prototypes. After that they come with some tests to ensure that everything will work all right. 

"The S-Class moves the people who make things move. No other Mercedes, and probably no other car, so completely embodies the aspiration of Gottlieb Daimler", said Dieter Zetsche, Daimler CEO.

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