The following video represents the first Peugeot RCZ commercial and as you will see, it appears that the French 2+2 coupe is choosing its next owner and not the other way around.
The Peugeot RCZ commercial is titled ‘Seduction’ and if you like the music theme then the video description says it is called "Kuala Lumpur’s Race" by Monsieur Monsieur.
The most powerfully version Peugeot RCZ comes with a 1.6-litre THP engine that packs 200 HP and takes 7.6 seconds to reach 100 Km/h from a stand still.
In Europe the Peugeot RCZ price starts at around 28,000 Euros.
Watch the Peugeot RCZ commercial video after the jump.

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Video: Peugeot RCZ commercial 

Source: Peugeot via YouTube